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Collector.Live! 2022 is a Wrap!


Prepare for an unprecedented slate of professional development for your collectors. With 14 first-rate presentations and discussions over five hours, Collector.Live! 2022 delivers like nothing before it!

Purchase the Collector.Live! 2022 Recordings for only $397

Special Bonus! Purchase the Collector.Live! 2022 recordings today, and we'll throw in free access to the last five Collector.Live! events - that's more than 30 hours of amazing front-line collector training and professional development!

Here's What You'll Get in the Collector.Live! 2022 Recordings...

  • Beth Conklin - Win the Battle By Being OK With Losing the Conversation

  • Kristen Rowles - How to Make the Most Out of Every Conversation

  • Irene Hoheusle - How to Answer the Out-of-Left-Field Questions

  • John Bedard - Am I Being Baited Into Saying Something I Shouldn't?

  • Dennis Barton - Regaining Control of Lost Conversations

  • Kelli Krueger - Harnessing the Power of Your Voice

  • Mary Shores - Negotiating Tactics 101

  • Panel: Setting The Right Environment When Working Remotely

  • Ken Peck - Controlling Your Emotions

  • Mike Frost - Communicating With Consumers in the Digital Age

  • Lauren Valenzuela - How to Communicate With People For Whom English is Not Their First Language

  • LaDonna Bohling - Negotiating With Hostile Consumers

  • Greg Ruffino - How to Think on Your Feet and and Respond to Shifts in The Conversation

  • PANEL: Max Time for Tax Time ... How to Become More Efficient, Effective, and Excellent

Purchase the Collector.Live! 2022 Recordings for only $397

Special Bonus! Purchase the Collector.Live! 2021 recordings today, and we'll throw in free access to the last four Collector.Live! events - that's over 25 hours of amazing front-line collector training and professional development!

  • You have just completed a phenomenal program! It is so refreshing to have this passion back for our industry. From someone who has been doing this since 1982 and years of involvement, you have just taken us to the next level. My hat is tipped to you both and your speakers! Well done!
  • Great presentations today, well done to the entire team!
  • We participated in the Collector Live session yesterday and overall we really enjoyed it. We also participated last year. All the speakers were great! We especially loved Manny and Beth! Thanks, looking forward to the next session.
  • Well done guys!!! I watched the whole program today with several collectors and managers. I initially was going to just float in and out of the room… but found myself a bit riveted by the content and the technical aspect of it all and plopped in a chair with everyone else. I purchased the recorded version as well, and will be rotating the other 2/3 of staff through the program once it is available. I really enjoyed the program, content, speakers and pacing of the program. I could have had staff just watch the show after it was recorded…and we could stop/pause/play/discuss as necessary. However, the live aspect of the program added a little something to special to it all (flubs, technical difficulties- which were few, ad lib, joking, etc). After the end, we all sat around the conference room and discussed several of the topics and takeaways that each staffer had. There was some good positive energy and zen going on. This is also going to be a great training tool to hold on to for future employees to watch…and a lot of the material covered will not stale date for some time. Encore! Encore!
  • We had our full collection staff in for the whole thing. I was right there with them and glad I was able to be. So exciting to have passion about what we do. And it ended as good as it started. Great job! So glad we did this and looking forward to more.
  • We enjoyed the presentation immensely yesterday; great job! So much so, that we would like to purchase the video. Please forward instructions to us. Many thanks!
  • Great job yesterday. The speakers were great, and the content was excellent. I had about 125 view the presentation and solicited their opinions right after it was done. Again, you all did a really super job, and I’m really glad we signed up. You can definitely count us in next year.
  • Great job and content! This opened up discussion that will continue for our next collector meeting on the first. We will continue to participate in these.
  • My employees and I really enjoyed your presentation.
  • Congratulations on another top-notch event. The production value seemed to be very good this year. There was a ton of information.
  • I want to thank you for the Collector.Live program that was held yesterday. Our staff enjoyed the program and had some great take a ways. They look forward to the program each year.