Collector.Live! 2019 is a Wrap!

But it's not too late to benefit from everything there is to learn in this unique, amazing collector training event! Purchase on-demand, permanent access to full video recordings of all 18 presentations, including the end-of-day Q&A.

Purchase the Collector.Live! Recordings for $697

Here's What You'll Get in the Collector.Live! 2019 Recordings...

  • Harry Strausser: Being amazing when the rest of the world hates you

  • Elizabeth Peterson: Using your voice as a tool of persuasion

  • Christian Lehr: How to identify problems and avoid finger-pointing

  • Kelly Knepper-Stephens: Hello? How to get the most out of "Location Information" calls

  • Tim Collins: It's not altruism: how helping others helps you

  • Eric Rosenkoetter: What's wrong with a little "Overshadowing" among friends?

  • Roger Weiss: Jedi mind tricks: closing calls with a payment today

  • Leslie Bender : "Need to Know" and preventing PII/PHI from being TMI

  • Dennis Barton: What the heck is "Bona Fide Error," and what does it have to do with me?

  • Beth Conklin: Rebuttals & negotiations: overcoming common objections and stalling tactics

  • Manny Newburger: Keeping it real: how "False or Misleading Representations" can get you sued

  • (Panel): CYA'ing yourself against consumer disputes

  • John Bedard: Danger! Danger! Identifying call baiters and the latest consumer scams

  • LaDonna Bohling: Overcoming the awkwardness of RPC & giving disclosures with finesse

  • Ron Brown: Secret resources of a master cybertracker: how to find anyone, anywhere

  • Kelli Krueger: Is this really my job? Dealing with underperforming co-workers

  • Jake Thompson: Unlock your greatest potential by re-imagining the competitor's mindset

Plus, we'll throw in all of the amazing recordings from Collector.Live! 2018!

  • Harry  Strausser, Staying motivated in a challenging job

    Your emcee Harry Strausser welcomes the audience, then speaks to staying motivated in a tough business.

  • Tim Collins and Kelly Knepper-Stephens, Spotting (and stopping) call baiting in time to prevent lawsuits

    Tim Collins and Kelly Knepper-Stephens discuss the scourge of call baiting against debt collectors, and how to protect yourself (and your company) from it.

  • Linda Straub Jones and Marian Sangalang, Using the data available to you to squeeze every last dollar out of your calls

    Linda Straub Jones and Marian Sangalang talk about the all-important subject of data in collections – and how to use it to maximize your collection efforts.

  • Mary Shores, Words That Work: How to close every call with a payment

    Mary Shores talks about “Words that Work” – how to drop the negativity in your language that subconsciously sabotages your ability to connect with consumers when asking for a payment.

  • John Bedard, David Kaminski an Nicole Strickler: Attorney Panel

    John Bedard, David Kaminski an Nicole Strickler have a roundtable discussion about the biggest FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA traps putting you and your company in danger every day.

  • Gordon Beck, Collector to CEO: Igniting the fire of leadership

    Gordon Beck brings down the house with a rousing presentation called “Collector to CEO: Igniting the Fire of Leadership”

  • All Speakers

    Final Panel: The panel returns to the stage for Q&A

Purchase the Collector.Live! Recordings for $697